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Investment Opportunities

Why invest in autographs

Investing in autographs and manuscripts can certainly be interesting and awe-inspiring, but can it make you money? Here are some examples of how they can perform.

  • Albert Einstein’s letter to F.D. Roosevelt sold in 1986 for $200,000. In 2002 it fetched $1,900,000 (item from the ex-Forbes collection)
  • Manuscript equations by Albert Einstein and Michele Angelo Besso sold for $360,000 in 1996. In 2002 the lot fetched $500,000
  • A collection of 43 letters in Hemingway’s hand fetched $32,500 in 1977. In 2004 the same collection sold for $310,000
  • A letter written by Abraham Lincoln sold for $70,000 in 1987. In 2002 it sold for $700,000. (ex Forbes)
  • Abraham Lincoln: another autograph letter, 1978 $30,000 (ex Sang) sold for $600,000 n 2002 ((item from the ex-Forbes collection))
  • Manuscript page from the Origins by Charles Darwin sold in 1999 for $65,000. In 2005 another similar page fetched $230,000
  • Battle of Trafalgar Order of Sailing official document signed by Admiral Nelson sold for $2,000 in 1985. Four years later, in 1989 it sold for $4,950; in 2000 for $24,000 and in 2007 for $61,500.
  • So how can you benefit from rising prices and make money in the autograph market?

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